Marketing Strategy High School Level Deca Analysis Paper

My spouse and i. Executive Synopsis

Client History

Dominos Lasagna located in Elk River has become open for over 24 years. It made its debut in its initial location in Dodge Avenue, and transferred in 2010 to the current location about Carson Courtroom. The Elk River location is the just location out of all 8, 000 retailers with 20/20 store graphic. Domino's Pizza is wide open every day from the year which includes holidays.


The three main goals have been set to be achieved through the twelve week promotion strategy. The targets are as follows:

• to enhance the amount of things purchased by young adults.

• to increase sales of packed cheesy breads and parmesan bites.

• to make Dominos name stand out from competitors.

Function Schedule

The twelve week ad campaign contains the following promotions.

▪ Facebook or myspace posting and updates happening every Mon and Comes to an end.

▪ Pandora will have advertisements the last days of each month.

▪ Advertising at ERX during every main event for the three months.

▪ Sherburne State Fair and Parade held in July.

▪ Mail will be sent out, consumers will receive promotions and discounts by Friday of every week.

Budget and Benefits

|Advertisement |Cost Per Advertisement |Quantity |Total | |Type | | |Cost | |Mail |0. 75 everything included |2666 |$2000. 00 | |Facebook Web page |Free to produce page |1 |$0. 00 | |Elk River Extreme Motor Area |$21 to produce banner |3 |$63. 00 | |(ERX) |$200. 00 per day pertaining to medium size |3 |$600. 00 | | |banner | | | |Sherburne county Reasonable |Fair via shawls by hoda |1 charite |$2000. 00 | |Sherburne County Parade |Cups: $0. 25 |150 |$37. 60 | | |Bags: $1. 50 |10 |$15. 00 | | |T- t shirts: $7. 05 |25 |$176. 25 | | |Beach balls: $0. 35 |60 |$18. 00 | | |Parade: Cost-free |1 |$0. 00 | |Pizza Package Advertisements |Special offer advertisement |2, 500 |$20. 00 | |Pandora |$1200 every ad |15 |$18000. 00 | | |(one advertisement per day) | | | |DP Advertising |$75 per hour |16 |$1, 200. 00

Domino's Elk River location does not have a particular budget for marketing; the store's return appealing must meet the total cost of the advertisement in addition to a profit.

II. Descriptions

A. Description from the product, assistance, company or perhaps business selected.

That started in the year 1960 when two brothers named Jeff and James Monaghan purchased a small pizzeria in Ypsilanti, Michigan named Dominick's Pizzas. James give up and bought and sold his stocks with his brother Tom. This led Jeff to rejuvenate the image and rename this, Domino's Pizzas. The company emblem was at first planned to add a new us dot with the addition of just about every new retail store, but this kind of idea quickly faded while Domino's knowledgeable rapid expansion. The three spots represent the stores that were open up at the time of 1969.




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