CLC Project Guidelines Dissertation

BIO-220 CLC Group Projects Arrangement

CLC Training course Information

Training course Name/Section Quantity:

Environment Technology Bio220. 3rd there�s r

Instructor's Name:

Berenise Charlton

Start Day of the Training course:

23 February 2015

CLC Member Info

(Who is within our group? )

CLC Member Name

Primary Email Address

Secondary Email

Other Info

Susie Bybee

[email protected] com


Paulette Senesac

[email protected] com

574-208-2771 Cell

Kris seals

[email protected] com


Dawn Meeks

Jennifer Carey

CLC Group Values

(What do we should do to ensure our team's achievement? )

What each part of the team agrees to accomplish

Why this is important to the crew

Check on the CLC regularly to review progress for the assignment To get up to date when ever something is due and to make sure we are all on course on each of our individual parts for this task. Contribute tips and feedback to the group from primary discussions through project finalization If we keep the ideas going we can get all the information necessary for the job. We may have more achievement on the task and it will become worked on by entire group.

This permits us to be sure the job is what many of us want and not what " one of all of us wants” or perhaps help us our if perhaps someone provides a better thought or different way of handling a issue Communicate with all CLC members the moment a problem or issue occurs Communication may be the tool to success and that we need to be open up and numerous brains is so a lot better than one human brain. Maintain well intentioned communications using team members

Getting mature and handling problems that may occur like adults is key to success. Being clear and open with one another will be a great help in the short and long run. Full assigned tasks by the deadlines set by CLC members Dawn Meeks can you please fill out this section

Require a leadership position in CLC assignments

Jennifer Carey Is it possible to please fill out this section

Make sure...


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