Anatomy of Cardiovascular System Dissertation



On a the front direct projection of the torso X-ray the expansion from the left contours of the middle shadow in its lower office is present. What department of the heart is enlarged? A. Auricle in the left innenhof

B. Correct ventricle

C. Left innenhof

D. Proper atrium

At the. Left ventricle

The middle darkness on a the front direct output of the thorax X-ray is created by the cardiovascular system and boats diverging via it. The center shadow of left contour is formed by simply four rebattu. The most remarkable one is a shadow of the aorta's mid-foot and its divergent vessels, reduced – the pulmonary shoe, then the still left auricle plus the most substandard one is the left ventricle.


In a 45-year-old patient the myocardial infarction of the front wall membrane of the kept ventricle and interventricular nasal septum is clinically diagnosed, which is accompanied by disturbance of cardiac rhythm. What pieces of the heart conductive system are disrupted? A. Sinoatrial node

W. Atrioventricular bundle

C. Atrioventricular node

Deb. Left peduncle of the atrioventricular bundle

Elizabeth. Right peduncle of the atrioventricular bundle

The heart conductive system is shaped by nodes located in the atrium surfaces and of packages connecting these types of nodes and passing through the interventricular nasal septum as a great atrioventricular package deal conducting the impulse to myocardium of ventricles.


A 65-year-old patient was addmitted for the hospital with complaints of pain and disturbance of cardiac tempo. After evaluation the associated with blockade of Hiss package was made. What formation in the heart is it located in? A. In the cusps of the mitral valve

M. In the interatrial septum

C. In the cusp of the tricuspid valve

Deb. In the interventricular septum

At the. On the heart apex

Rustle fizz fizzle wheeze whistle snuffle bundle (or atrioventricular bundle) is a part of heart conductive system. This diverges from atrioventricular node, then it goes to iterventricular septum, in that case divides into two crura following to ventricle myocardium.


Patient's cardiac rhythm constantly keeps at a good of 45 heartbeats per minute. What pacemaker sets these kinds of a beat? A. Purkinje fibres

M. Hiss package

C. Sinoatrial node

G. Hiss bundle crura

Elizabeth. Atrioventricular node

Atrioventricular client is a second-order pacemaker which sets tempo of 40-50 heartbeats per minute. It happens in the event that impulses of sinoatrial node (first-oder pacemaker which models rhythm of 70-80 heartbeats per minute) are blocked.


The patient was confessed to the clinic with the associated with sinual taxicardia (150 spasms per minute). It is common reassurance that this pathology occurs as a result of hypererethism of sinoatrial node which is situated in the A. wall from the right atrium.

B. interventricular septum.

C. left atrium.

D. kept ventricle.

E. right ventricle.

Sinoatrial node (first-oder pacemaker) is located inside the right vorhof des herzens wall between the vena cava superior orifice and remaining auricle.


In a affected person of cardiological department the heart rate comparable to 55 and sinus beat on ECG are exposed. Identify fault heart conductive system which will function can be disturbed in cases like this. A. Atrioventricular node

W. Sinoatrial client

C. Proper peduncle of Hiss package

D. Kept peduncle of Hiss package deal

E. Sinoatrial bundle

Sinusitis rhythm on ECG shows that myocardial contractive function is furnished by sinoatrial client (first-oder pacemaker) impulses. Heart beat rate decrease (from usual 70-80 to 55 surpasses per minute) indicates deceleration of its functional activity.


About objective study of the patient during heart instruction the doctor heard a systolic murmur inside the fifth intercostal space 1 cm medially from the kept medioclavicular collection. Identify the valve which in turn pathology is present in this individual A. Device of the pulmonary trunk

N. Aortic control device

C. Tricuspid valve

Deb. Mitral control device

E. Tricuspid valve, semilunar valve

Cardiovascular apex is projected to the place. It can be formed by the left ventricle wall and a mitral valve...


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