An Examination of John Steinbecks "The Pearl"

An Research of John Steinbeck's "The Pearl"

The Pearl is a story about an Mexican Indian gentleman and woman, occur the first to mid-

1900's, in Bolivia. It was compiled by John Steinbeck as a brief fiction book that tells of the

family's life just before, during, and soon after locate a great pearl. The reserve was an amazing and

discussed many different ideas. The primary idea discussed is if being rich is a good

thing. The story explained how everyone want to be rich but being rich includes a lot of

unnecessary baggage that complements it.

There will be two major characters in this publication. The first is a guy named Kino. He's a

Mexican Indian of about 25-30 years. He lives in a reasonably primitive village among a similar group

of Mexican Indians. They certainly are a fishing village and in addition dive for pearls. The next character is a

female named Juana. She actually is his commonlaw wife, mom of his boy, and spouse. She

supports everything Kino does, and will be offering suggestions to him whenever he desires it. They have a son

named Coyotito who plays a role in the publication but a very


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