An Evaluation of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year

An Examination of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year

For several thousand years, Vietnamese Lunar New Calendar year has been a

traditional celebration that delivers the Vietnamese a feeling of

happiness, hope and peace. Nevertheless, recently, It also

bring back a bitter memory packed with tears. It reminds them the

1968 bloodshed, a bloodiest armed service advertising campaign of the Vietnam War

the North Communists introduced against the South.

The "general offensive and basic uprising" of the north marked

the sharp turn of the Vietnam Battle. Today there were a great

number of writings concerning this event. However, it appears that many

key facts in the Communist campaign remain misinterpreted or

In the mid-80, surviving in Saigon after released from the

Communist "re-education camp," I browse a reserve published in the

early 1980's in the us about the report of the 1968 Tet

Offensive. It explained that the North Vietnamese Army supreme command

had imitated one of the biggest heroes of Vietnam, King Quang

Trung, who won the most magnificent victory over the Chinese



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