An Analysis of Age Great Dreams: America in the 1960s, a Book by David Farber

An Analysis of Age Great Dreams: America in the 1960's, a Book by David Farber

The Age of Great DreamsAmerica in the 1960sDavid Farber Materials covered in Age Great Dreams could be drawn from the name; it covers conditions that were at the forefront of the 1960's. The book details American growth after World War 2, civil privileges, the Vietnam Battle, and the organization of college students. Unlike other books about the 1960's, Farber does not give attention to a single point, but instead, gives a general summary of major events and actions of the 1960's. Farber begins by detailing the monetary growth of america. The conclusion of World Battle 2 brought superb riches to america. Soldiers came residence and started family members, these families cause the baby boom. Unlike wars during the past, America maintained the amount of economical superiority it demonstrated through the war. Business was alive and flourishing. A good amount of money and goods resulted in the creation of suburbs. Households fled the big towns for smaller neighborhoods where in fact the goal was to end up like everybody else and strive for the easy existence as offered by the recently created television. Refrigerators, washers and dryers, programmed dishwashers, television models, and automobiles were by the bucket load and affordable for the average family to possess. Quickly the suburbs commenced to defend myself against a similar search; individuality was on the lower, while conformity was on the rise. As the whites of the north liked a golden get older, the blacks of the south had been still fighting for his or her freedom. African-Americans in america had their freedom nevertheless they were fighting separatist's attitudes. Segregation was a standard part of lifestyle in the south. Blacks experienced their private schools, neighborhoods, churches, they weren't permitted on the premises of most white facilities, nor could they


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  • An Analysis of Age Great Dreams: America in the 1960s, a Book by David Farber