A Explanation of Wrestling as a Basis of the American Culture

A Information of Wrestling as a Basis of the American Culture

Wrestling on tv set today is a windows in to the basis of the American

culture. It shows our dependence on violence and sex at an available arena. Its not

extremely graphic but its what serves a multitude of audiences. It reaches a

wide range of people, everyone from 10-12 time olds and elderly individuals.

The largest demographic for them may be the 18-24 year olds.

Today in the American society the best rated weekly tv set show is the

WWF RAW IS WAR accompanied by the WWF WARZONE. Both of

these shows are wrestling shows. Wrestling isn't an extremely complex sport, It basically

is two combatants trying to take down the other person until one either is certainly counted down with

there shoulders on the mat for 3 seconds, till they post, are knocked unconscious,

or are disqualified. The best way to get disqualified generally in most fits is to bring and

weapon to the band, have out aspect interference by a staff member, or be external the

ring for extra the a ten second count by the ref. To rating these victories they use


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